The dinosaurs that fly among us

We have always believed that dinosaurs went extinct, but the truth is that they never disappeared from our planet. Through ingenious adaptation strategies, some of them survived and still fly over our heads today… even if we often don’t realize it! Between the pages of this book, you will witness the evolutionary adventures of the most extraordinary winged creatures you can imagine. Ancient and modern dinosaurs will meet, showing themselves for what they really are: lively, intelligent animals and masters of adaptation. Guiding us in the exploration will be Francesco Barberini, aspiring ornithologist and young popularizer, who at the age of ten received the certificate of Standard Bearer of the Italian Republic for scientific merits from President Mattarella. Enriched with the splendid watercolors of Marco Preziosi, this volume will drag you into a whirlwind of compelling anecdotes and great discoveries.

What happened to the dinosaurs?

Here is my fifth book published by Salani Editore, with beautiful illustrations by Davide Bonadonna and with a very special band by my friend Piero Angela!
We all love dinosaurs, but do we really know what they were like? Among these pages you will find the answers to all your questions and you will finally discover how the slow and stupid lizards we always imagined were actually awake, snappy … and feathered!

Forget everything you thought you knew about dinosaurs!




Kuusamo Travel Book

My fourth book (Kuusamo Travel Book) is a travelogue in the Kuusamo region of Finland and was released in October 2019 and is sponsored by the Embassy of Finland and the municipality of Kuusamo, with the presentation of Pia-Rantala Engberg ( Ambassador of Finland), Heimo Mikkola (professor at the University of Eastern Finland and the greatest expert on nocturnal birds of prey in the world) and Fabrizio Carbone also author of the rich illustrations.

Seychelles Travel Book

My third book (Seychelles Travel Book) is the first travel diary in the “Francesco’s Birdwatching Travel” series (followed by my fourth book). It talks about the trip to the Seychelles and was released in December 2018 and is sponsored by the Seychelles Tourism Board, with the presentation of Fulco Pratesi (honorary president of WWF) of Fulvio Mamone Capria (former president of LIPU).

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My first great book on pterosaurs

At the age of 10 I published my second book, always with Stampa Alternativa, entitled “My first great book on pterosaurs”, where I talk about the ancient flying reptiles, their evolution and their extinction. The preface is by Donatella Bianchi (presenter of Linea Blu and president of the WWF), the presentation by Gianfranco Bologna (scientific director of the WWF), the introduction by Simone Maganuco (paleontologist), the cover by Fulco Pratesi (honorary president of the WWF) and the elaborations of Germana della Rocca. The book is recommended by the WWF.

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My first great book on birds

At 9 I published my first book, with Stampa Alternativa entitled “My first great book on birds”, where I talk about the main bird species in Italy and their evolution from dinosaurs. The preface is by Emanuele Biggi (conductor of Geo), the presentation by Sara Riello (Director of the Ventotene Migration Museum), the introduction by Filippo Belisario (Communicator of the Lazio Region) and photos by Pietro Iannetta. The book is recommended by the WWF.

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