If you know Nature, you love it. If you love it, you protect it.

This is me

Hello! My name is Francesco Barberini, I was born on May 31, 2007 and I live in Acquapendente (VT).

I am an aspiring ornithologist, popularizer and writer, passionate about evolution and nature ..

Italian Republic President, Sergio Mattarella, on 12 March 2018 appointed me Standard Bearer of the Italian Republic for scientific and informative merits. At 10, I was the youngest Standard Bearer ever nominated.
From the age of 7 I have made many videos in Oases and Parks to introduce nature; as I always say, if you know nature you love it and if you love it, you protect it. I made many videos uploaded to YouTube, between fun and commitment.

Since the age of 8 I have held numerous conferences in person or via the internet, on nature and in particular on the evolution of dinosaurs into birds, with the aim of raising awareness of people of all ages. I have lectured in schools, universities and museums, also in Finland in English.

I was called to give my lecture at the Italian Ornithological Convention held in Racconigi in 2017

I received from LIPU the award of the 52nd National Assembly with the following motivation: “for his deep love for wild birds, ornithology and birdwatching, for the surprising ability, even from a very young age, to know and tell about birds, in a passionate and engaging way, also through the wise use of new means of communication, with the wish to always grow close to nature, with the same enthusiasm of today “Parma, 20 May 2017.

At 9 I published my first book, published by Stampa Alternativa entitled “My first great book on birds”, where I talk about the main bird species in Italy and their evolution from dinosaurs. The preface is by Emanuele Biggi (naturalist and presenter of the Rai 3 GEO program), the presentation by Sara Riello (Director of the Ventotene Migration Museum), the introduction by Filippo Belisario (Naturalist and Communicator of the Lazio Region) and the photos by Pietro Iannetta. The book is recommended by the WWF and has reached its 3rd reprint.

At the age of 10 I published my second book, always published by Stampa Alternativa, entitled “My first great book on pterosaurs”, where I talk about the ancient flying reptiles, their evolution and their extinction. The preface is by Donatella Bianchi (presenter of Linea Blu and President of the WWF), the presentation by Gianfranco Bologna (Scientific Director of the WWF), the introduction by Simone Maganuco (paleontologist), the cover by Fulco Pratesi (Honorary President of the WWF) and the graphic elaborations of my drawings are by Germana della Rocca. The book is recommended by the WWF.
I received the approval, sharing and thanks from the Embassy of Canada for a video on birdwatching that I made in their country in 2016

I received the approval, sharing and thanks from the Embassy of Portugal and SPEA, the Portuguese society for the study of avifauna, for a video on birdwatching that I made in the Azores in 2017

I received a plaque of merit from the Mayor of my town Acquapendente, in April 2018. In the summer of 2019, thanks to my request, my country was the first in Lazio to declare a climate and environmental emergency.

My third book (Seychelles Travel Book) is the first travel diary in the “Francesco’s Birdwatching Travel” series (followed by my fourth book). It talks about the trip to the Seychelles and was released in December 2018 and is sponsored by the Seychelles Tourism Board, with the presentation of Mrs Sherin Francis (CEO Seychelles Tourism Board), Fulco Pratesi (Honorary President of WWF) by Fulvio Mamone Capria (President of LIPU – Birdlife Italia).

My fourth book (Kuusamo Travel Book) is a travelogue in the Kuusamo region of Finland and was released in October 2019 and is sponsored by the Embassy of Finland and the Municipality of Kuusamo, with the presentation of Pia-Rantala Engberg ( Ambassador of Finland), Heimo Mikkola (Professor of the University of Eastern Finland) and Fabrizio Carbone (naturalist and journalist), also author of the rich illustrations.

On 24 October 2020 my fifth book published by Salani Editore entitled “What happened to the dinosaurs? – How they really were and how they became “where I talk about the latest scientific discoveries that show us what dinosaurs really were and the fact that they have not become extinct, but are still among us, in fact they are today’s birds. The book contains beautiful illustrations by Davide Bonadonna and there is a very special band by my friend Piero Angela. The book has already been reprinted and is at the top of many charts.
I was a guest and in many television broadcasts on Rai1, Rai2, Rai3 and on private broadcasters such as La7, TV8, Telenorba and TV2000.
I have a periodic column in the Rai 3 program “Kilimangiaro”.
I have a periodic column on the Rai 2 program “Detto Fatto”.
I take care of a weekly column in the Rai Gulp “#Explorers” program.
I was a guest on some radios including Rai Radio2, Radio Deejay, Radio 105 and Radio 24.
I take care of a daily column entitled “T-Ossigeno” on Radioimmaginaria.
I was interviewed and wrote some articles in various newspapers and magazines such as La Repubblica, Il Corriere della Sera, la Stampa, Oggi, Famiglia Cristiana, Progress Viaggi and Topolino.
I also collaborated with Focus Junior magazine with articles and videos.
I have the pleasure of collaborating with the WWF, where I take care of a column entitled “Francesco’s flight” in the periodical Panda Junior.
I collaborate with LIPU- Birdlife Italia.
I collaborate with EBN Italia.
I collaborate with ENPA.
I collaborate with Legambiente.
I collaborate with Lifegate.
I collaborate with Federparchi.
I collaborate with Carabinieri.
I have joined the Friday For Future movement.
I am Ambassador of FIAGOP, the Italian Association of Pediatric Oncohematology Parents.
I am an Ambassador of Swarovski Optik.
I collaborated in the creation of the board games “Wildlife Watching – The Game Vol. 1 and Vol. 2” and “The Enchanted Wood”.
In my social channels, which I manage alone, I also take care of my columns entitled “Flying with books” and “Flying with dinosaurs” to raise awareness of reading and interest in science.
I am a fifth level brown belt in Karate.
I love Nature.

An article about me in La Repubblica on November 13, 2020 by Gabriele Romagnoli

The first beautiful thing on Friday 13 November 2020 is the link between
Greta (Thunberg) and Angela (Piero). While zapping, I am struck by the image of
a little boy. He has a ponytail, a plaid jacket and a tie
crossover that I hadn’t seen since a reception in Louisiana twenty years ago
(on an obese landowner). Above all: he speaks well, like a little one
scientist. It turns out it’s his fifth book, What Happened to the
dinosaurs ?, That he was named Standard Bearer of the Republic by Mattarella, that he travels Italy and the world (another book is on the Seychelles), studying as
ornithologist. His name is Francesco Barberini, aged 13. A beautiful thing that he tells
is that the passion was not instilled in him, neither by teachers nor by parents, it
came watching a science program on TV. At that point Piero Angela appears, 91 years old, and the (virtuous) circle closes. I think two things: that how
Angela explained the science pills in the old Rai, Francesco should do it on the Internet, to talk to children about nature and the importance of defending it. Then
I realize that haters would pop up, like for Greta, and I limit myself to
look at him, as a species to be protected (the one that writes books instead of
tweeting). The other thing is that in the 78 years of difference between the two, a
disaster has happened. The generations in between should pass the hand directly, if
DAD (distance learning) doesn’t dull them, to Francesco and his brothers. Instead of hating them
because they will see 2070, let’s hope they make it better than this 2020.

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